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Meet our Youth Ministry, Kristin Caliva!!!


Kristin Marie Caliva was born in Dallas, TX and lived most of her life in Glen Burnie, Maryland. She has one older brother, Zachary, who is 4 years older. She comes from a large family and is one of 18 grandchildren, but is outnumbered being one of the only girls. Her family recently moved down south to San Antonio, TX about 3 years ago. Kristin graduated high school at Old Mill Senior High in Maryland. She then made the move to Tulsa to attend the University of Tulsa and was selected to be in the highly respected International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Kristin has a degree in Religion and minors in Psychology and Education. A person Kristin really admires is her grandma. “I’ve lived a lot of my life with my grandparents, they’re really amazing. Seeing all that my grandma does and goes through has really turned me into who I am today. I try to be as great as she is for everyone I come into contact with.” Kristin reflects back to when she was 10 years old and really wanted to be a veterinarian. She has always really loved animals, but she lost her enthusiasm upon entering biology class in high school.

When asked, “what 3 words best describe you?”, Kristin easily replies: empathetic, determined, and friendly. Kristin does have some pet peeves: the sounds of people chewing, especially when stressed; lack of attempting to understand another person’s perspective, “I really want people to try and understand one another”; and criticizing/judging others for things they love (games or movies), “Life is short, and people should be able to enjoy things, even if those things are “bad” movies”. Kristin doesn’t really have a bucket list just yet, but tries to seize every opportunity that comes her way. One thing that is for sure, is she would like to go skydiving in the near future! When Kristin is not nurturing  young minds at St. Pius X, she is the most happy while enjoying a good book, playing video games, and swimming in a pool, lake, river, or ocean (she’s not picky)!

Not only is Kristin passionate about youth ministry, but she cares deeply about preventing the harm of other living beings. “I love animals and want to shield them from the cruelty and abuse that people put them through.” She also joins the fight against sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and other types of abuse for women and children everywhere. She feels that as a human, we should take care of other human beings when and where we can. She passionately cares for the environment and strives to protect it for our future generations. Kristin feels that her empathy for others is the greatest skill she brings to her new job her at St. Pius X. Her own personal growth with Christ has driven her to share that passion for Christ and Religion as much as she can. Kristin’s  goal here at St. Pius X is to build up the youth in a way that inspires them to desire an individual relationship with Christ. She is steadfast in that she wants the SPX youth to be on fire for the Lord and keep that fire burning bright in herself as well.

On behalf of the St. Pius X community, we are ecstatic to have Kristin here and look forward to witnessing the growth of the SPX youth ministry!

All things in Christ!

Kristin can be contacted at (918) 622-4488 or