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Welcome Fr. Sean O'Brien to St. Pius X!

Fr. Sean grew up in Broken Arrow at St. Benedict's Catholic Church in a home blessed by the faith and the harmony that comes from Jesus Christ-- and super thankful for his parents!  After early years in Catholic schools, he moved into the public school system from which he graduated from in 2005. He attended St. Gregory's University and after completing a degree in Theology, entered seminary life for the next seven years.
Mr. O'Brien can't express enough how very thankful he is for his family. He grew up the oldest of three; his younger brother passed away in 2005, and he especially cherishes the great gift of his sister, her awesome husband, their three beautiful daughters and their youngest, his godson!  Fr. Sean finds great consolation in them as faithful witnesses of the Gospel. The O'Brien children benefited from their mother's greatest advice: "Sean, if you do God's Will, you'll make me and your dad proud".  These words were taken to heart...even though he frequently claims to have no idea of the path that God has for him. "We walk by faith, and not by sight!"
Fr. O'Brien recalls a very distinct call to the priesthood in his junior year of college, and entered into seminary with some trepidation, but with real conviction in the call from God. Within a semester, all trepidation dissipated and he marched forward joyfully to Ordination in 2016. The first year as a priest, he was still a student and earned a degree in Moral Theology focusing in Bioethics. He then came back home to Broken Arrow to begin his three year term at St. Anne's Catholic Church. While sad to leave the fellowship at St. Anne's, the Lord fills his heart with the joy of the opportunities of what God has for all of us at St. Pius X.  
"I love hearing about the real depth of the tradition here at St. Pius X and that families have been here for generations!  Very honored to serve here. The Lord has given me much zeal (sometimes getting me into trouble!) and also a real passion for formation, for helping others to grow and pray and share their life-giving connection with the Lord with those who God has put into their life."
When asked what Fr. Sean likes to do for fun, he claims he's "pretty boring--everyone should know that as you'll learn that pretty quick!"  However, he enjoys bike rides, swimming, spending time with friends and with family, doing some reading, and gardening. These are far from being escapes, however, since he loves being a priest and everything about it!  He humbly asks for your prayers as he begins his journey here at St. Pius X! 
"I am a man in great need."
During COVID -19, Fr. Sean started a Podcast! Check it out here:
Interview with Deacon Tim Sullivan: